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With a simple hook lift adaptor the GAPO can easily move a range of hooklift containers around your yard freeing up hooklift trucks and forklifts to do what they do best.


The GAPO does it safer than any other existing equipment available as the driver is remote and can observe the skip movements from any location. There is no lifting arm obscuring the driver’s view and there are no blind spots.

Space Saving

From the skip to the front of the unit is just over 2.0m. Compare this to a fork lift or hook lift truck and it is immediately obvious how the GAPO can enable you to make better use of your yard space. The turning circle on the unit is a full 90° in each direction further improving your ability to move skips around your yard.

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Quiet & Fuel Efficient

The Yanmar 36 HP engine is compact, quiet and economical. The GAPO does not just save space and improve safety, it saves money.

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